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Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Rhonda, Jacqui and Jenny!
I am very humbled to receive the Beautiful Blogger Award from each of you ……. how lovely to be Awaded for something I love doing (a bit like my job as a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator…….which I love and am rewarded for every single day!)
Okay……now I need to do the 10 things “thing”……… they are (in no particular order)………..
1. I LOVE Dr Who……..always have always will……..and, before you ask,  I don’t really like to say who my fav Dr is as they just keep getting better and I don’t want to have to change the record lol
2. I would love to be fit and fabulous but, alas, I am a self-confessed closet-junk food-addict…….not exactly mutually compatable.
3. I love being creative and I NEED to do this every day. I get most of my inspiration from stamping together with friends and fellow demonstrators…….there are so many amazingly talented people out there!
4. I love watching and analysing movies (I blame that on my Uni days when I studied Film and Theatre)
5. I love a good belly laugh in front of Frazier, Seinfeld,  Black Adder  (or any other brilliantly written comedy)
6. I have my most “brilliant” flashes of inspiration late at night.
7. I love bangers and mash as much as laksa with prawns  (yes…..I basically just love food lol!)
8. I found my Dream Job in 2006 ……….or maybe it found me and I was just ready for it?
9. I have 3 amazing, awesome kids. All of whom drive me crazy but whom I love with all my heart :)xxx
10. Princess Bride is my favourite movie of all time.
There are so many others who I would love to pass this on to but here are just 10 of the creative people who continue to inspire me in my life and work :
1. Linda Higgins
2. Sarah Klass
3. Andrea Lowcock
4. Jenny Hayward
5. Brigette Lomax
6. Alison Charlton
7. Patty Bennett
8. Mary Fish
9. Leanne Jordan
10.Shelli Gardner
Congratulations ladies!

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