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Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft Vol 14 No 6

Just popping in to toot my own horn lol. and to let you all know I’ve been published in the latest issue of Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft. This is my second time published and I was thrilled to be included as a contributer for this months issue (on the shelves at all good newsagencies now!).
I’ve made it one of my resolutions to get my act together this year and submit more regularly *blush* ……that, along with getting more exercise, getting to bed earlier (why do all those creative juices decide to start flowing in the wee hours???), sending more “just because” cards,  and not reading more than one book at a time! (currently have 5 on the go at the moment lol. )

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10 thoughts on “Cardmaking, Stamping and Papercraft Vol 14 No 6”

  1. Congrats on being published Ness. I haven’t been successful yet but will keep trying. Bought the publication as a memento! The cards are great.

  2. Your New Year Resolutions sound a lot like mine, LOL. Congratulations on your beautiful cards being published. I just received an order from one of my customers for Baroque Motifs because she was inspired by your cards in the magazine! Happy New Year!

  3. Oh WOW… I totally missed these Ness (must still have my copy in plastic somewhere *blush*). Congrats on this – they are completely awesome and finally some cards I really really like in the mag!!! Well done – so well deserved!

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