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My Space

While it is tidy lol., I thought I would share a few pictures of my creative space with you. I don’t have a craft “room” as such, just a space in our living room which is mine so I can create and be with the kids at the same time. My wonderfully supportive hubby, built me these shelves for my ever growing punch collection and also to house my ribbons. The chest is made of Western Red Ceder, found by the side of the road and lovingly restored by Simon’s Dad (waving “hi” to Dad Webb who is in Liverpool Hospital recovering from his heart surgery…… sending you love a prayers for a speedy recovery). I particularly love the size of the drawers…….they are big enough to store my 12×12 cardstock. The middle drawer at the top was apparently designed to house a gentleman’s top hat, so it is well over a century old. In the larger drawers there is plenty of room for my stamping supplies as well as the projects I’m currently working on. The chest tucks away neatly in an alcove and looks as if it were custom built for that exact spot even though it wasn’t!
A couple of feet away from the chest is my work table, on which sit my Colour Caddy, Stack and Store Caddy, Stampin’ Scrubs, Colour Coach, adhesives, Paper Cutter etc. all within easy reach. The table was gifted to me by the parents of my best friend of  more than 30 years and holds some special memories for me as I used to sit at it and hide my peas on the rails underneath whenever I went to dinner at Liz’s (Shhhhh lol). This is a great table to use for classes too, as it has an extension and I can fit 6 guests around it if needed  or join it to our dining table and seat up to 15 at a pinch.
As I think about the history of these pieces, and reflect on the relationships that form and deepen as we, chat, eat, stamp and create together, I realise how much I’m looking forward to making lots more memories around this table with my regular Stamp-a-Stacks and classes this year.
Check back here regularly for more information on the projects we will be creating each month!
Thanks for stopping by…………please feel free to leave a comment, share a thought or send a photo of your creative space, I’d love to hear from you!

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2 thoughts on “My Space”

  1. Hi Ness … isn’t it freaky … we both decided to post pics of our workspace … totally unbeknowns to each other!!! I hadn’t seen your blog until just now … since New Year … but I had decided on Friday that I was going to show you pics of my reorganised space! That is a bit dee-doo-dee-doo-dee-doo!!! I don’t know how you store everything in your chest of drawers! You must be VERY organised!!! It is fun to see it all there, though! Hugs, Andrea

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